Monday, June 12, 2006

Have I got ABC or CBS? Definitely both!

Yes I admit it I am sick… I’ve tried it all and yet nothing seems to work… I still cannot really believe it…. It took me only a month, or even less, to develop it and now it is in its final stages… I am shattered… I knew it form the very beginning that something wasn’t right… I can’t really describe it… may be yes, I can now… but I don’t really want to… I don’t want to admit it… But the evidence is all there… It was during one sleepless night that I stumbled in a place where I learnt what I had…. Why me? How? One does not realise it until it hits oneself straight in the forehead… Yes I admit it I have been afflicted by a very grave case of Acute Blog Compulsion and Compulsive Blogger’s Syndrome… How did I found out? It is thanks to Bloggers Anonymous… Well… I’ll let the expert talk…

10. You check your blog stats a LOT. You occasionally get up in the middle of the night and sneak a peak.

9. Your significant other suspects you are having an affair with your blog. Even when you’re alone with your special person, you do find yourself thinking what your blog might be doing right then…

8. You “mental blog” while driving or on the train, and sometimes even when you are alone in the shower.

7. You filter everything through your post-writing. You can’t watch a movie, see a play, read an article, or share a sweet moment with your child without thinking of whether it’s blog-worthy.

6. You suffer from “blog envy” when another Blogger posts something juicy before you do. You suffer “comment envy” when said post gets 40-something comments – the jerk!

5. You “binge blog” 3 or 4 posts at once—only to feel guilty and empty afterward.

4. You ditched all your real friends for blog friends, because, well, “they understand.” you also bypass a night out with the mates and The Story of My Life at the bookstore (who really cares?) while you reach for Naked Conversations.

3. You think: “I can stop at any time.”

2. Your lunch hour has become your “blog hour.” You keep a few posts tucked in your desk in case you need them during the day.

1. After 5 minutes of meeting someone really interesting you ask: “So - do you blog?”


Blogger Omni said...


1:39 AM  
Blogger Claude said...

:-) Suggestion for a further point: "You use a desktop feed reader, you installed the Sage feed reading add-on in Firefox, you made a Bloglines page for the RSS feeds of your favorite blogs, and you subscribe to their updates via e-mail"

8:25 AM  
Anonymous jan said...


I have all the signs. I never knew. Thanks for the intervention.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

When I found out… well, I felt exactly the same way…

8:04 AM  
Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

actually I wasn't doing that... but now that you have told me... well... I have to admit that Sage for Firefox it's quite cool...
I don't know should I thank you or...;)

9:22 PM  
Blogger Claude said...

LOL at "or...;)", Shaman: I only turn Sage on when I want to look up something.

But re RSS feeds: they are revolutionizing people's access to information - even if some journalists working for traditional media haven't caught on to this fact.

In the Swiss «IAM/Bernet-Studie Journalisten im Internet 2005» survey (1):

- 45.8% of the journalists (50% of the journalists under 36) said they did not know what an RSS feed is.

- 37% of the journalists (35.4% f the journalists under 36) said they didn't know what a podcast is.

Considering that podcasts are a particular type of RSS feed, when 9% of journalists (almost 15% of journalists under 36) say they know what a podcast, but not what an RSS feed, is - it is as if the same proportions of carpenters said: "I know what a hammer is, but I don't know what a tool is"...

(1) The «IAM/Bernet-Studie Journalisten im Internet 2005» survey was done among German-speaking Swiss journalists. The survey report (only in German) can be downloaded as PDF from
The Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM) has a review of the survey in French, with links to the German and Italian versions of the review.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

"it is as if the same proportions of carpenters said: "I know what a hammer is, but I don't know what a tool is"..."


you are so right!

9:58 AM  

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