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The Knights Templar - Chapter I.

Continued from: Knights Templar – Preface.

This chapter will talk about the origin of the Templars--The pilgrimages to Jerusalem--The dangers to which pilgrims were exposed--The formation of the brotherhood of the poor fellow-soldiers of Jesus Christ to protect them--Their location in the Temple--A description of the Temple--Origin of the name Templars--Hugh de Payens chosen Master of the Temple--Is sent to Europe by King Baldwin--Is introduced to the Pope--The assembling of the Council of Troyes--The formation of a rule for the government of the Templars Page.


"Yet ’midst her towering fanes in ruin laid,
The pilgrim saint his murmuring vespers paid;
’Twas his to mount the tufted rocks, and rove
The chequer’d twilight of the olive-grove:
’Twas his to bend beneath the sacred gloom,
And wear with many a kiss Messiah's tomb."

THE extraordinary and romantic institution of the Knights Templars, those military friars who so strangely blended the character of the monk with that of the soldier, took its origin in the following manner:--
On the miraculous discovery of the Holy sepulchre by the Empress Helena, the mother of Constantine, about 298 years after the death of Christ, and the consequent erection, by command
p. 2

of the first christian emperor, of the magnificent church of the Resurrection, or, as it is now called, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, over the sacred monument, the tide of pilgrimage set in towards Jerusalem, and went on increasing in strength as Christianity gradually spread throughout Europe. On the surrender of the Holy City to the victorious Arabians, (A.D. 637,) the privileges and the security of the christian population were provided for in the following guarantee, given under the hand and seal of the Caliph Omar to Sophronius the Patriarch.
"From OMAR EBNO ’L ALCHITAB to the inhabitants of ÆLIA."
"They shall be protected and secured both in their lives and fortunes, and their churches shall neither be pulled down nor made use of by any but themselves." *
Under the government of the Arabians, the pilgrimages continued steadily to increase; the old and the young, women and children, flocked in crowds to Jerusalem, and in the year 1064 the Holy Sepulchre was visited by an enthusiastic band of seven thousand pilgrims, headed by the Archbishop of Mentz and the Bishops of Utrecht, Bamberg, and Ratisbon. † The year following, however, Jerusalem was conquered by the wild Turcomans. Three thousand of the citizens were indiscriminately massacred, and the hereditary command over the Holy City and territory was confided to the Emir Ortok, the chief of a savage pastoral tribe.
Under the iron yoke of these fierce Northern strangers, the Christians were fearfully oppressed; they were driven from their churches; divine worship was ridiculed and interrupted; and the patriarch of the Holy City was dragged by the hair of his bead over the sacred pavement of the church of the Resurrection, and cast into a dungeon, to extort a ransom from the sympathy of his flock. (Continued in our Warehouse)
p. 3


Blogger The Wager Witch said...

Did you read The Davinci Code?

It was a bit odd to see the Knights of Templar portrayed that way - but you get used to seeing them portrayed every which way dependent on who wrote the history or the fiction, I suppose.

Wager Witch
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11:38 AM  
Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

No I haven’t read the Davinci Code, nor I have seen the film.. a bit too commercial for my taste…

I remember once reading a description of the Templars where the author depicted them as a bunch of limp-wristed pederasts who lived on the sufferance and expenses of others…

Well everyone has, as you rightly said, it’s own opinion…

10:55 PM  
Blogger The Wager Witch said...

LOL! Yep!

So - if you do post more on the templars - let me know.

I'd love to see it.

Oh - and those girls up in the post above - I actually think that both sets look interesting.

It's funny to look at styles - as we get older - the so many styles there are - and how shall we evolve to the next one... and the scariest question... Which style will you stop growing with?

Will there be a generation of Gothic 80 year olds?


Wager Witch
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4:56 PM  
Blogger Shaman Dandulla said...

There is plenty more to come on the Templars, and yes I will let you know indeed! actually, thank you very much for your interest!!

ps. I'd love to see those girls up there when they'll be 80something.. with bits of flesh popping down and all those piercings just falling...

almost a Dante's depiction of the inferno....

5:10 PM  
Blogger Sahasahara said...

"Yet 'midst her towering fanes in ruin laid,

The pilgrim saint his murmuring vespers paid;

'Twas his to mount the tufted rocks, and rove

The chequer'd twilight of the olive-grove:

'Twas his to bend beneath the sacred gloom,

And wear with many a kiss Messiah's tomb."

Hi!! Do you know where this poem came from?

1:22 PM  

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