Monday, May 15, 2006

Walking down the street.

While walking down on an ordinary street, from an ordinary job, to an ordinary house, I thought for once to do something a little bit more extraordinary, thus I decided to cut through the park. In spring parks in this area are filled with the rich odour of freshly cut grass, and when the light wind stirs amidst the trees, there comes the heavy scent of the lilac, or the more delicate perfume of the pink-flowering thorn… (but lets not divert from what I actually want to tell you).

So, as I was cutting through the park, I heard a noise that, more or less, sounded like a woman tenderly moaning followed by a man gruffly bellowing. Very peculiar indeed, I thought and I turned my steps towards it. There they were the culprits: a couple was sitting on a bench, with their backs facing me.

Having satisfied my curiosity I continued on my leisurely stroll through the park, following the footpath, away from the couple, up a small hill, round a small pond, back down the small hill, and again towards the couple (nope, my curiosity was not satisfied at all, for I had seen something awkward that it did not fit).

As I was approaching them, I could see that they were entangled in a passionate embrace, kissing each other’s faces off, the man’s hand inside the front of her blouse, caressing her, as a geek would feverishly stroke his keyboard.

They, of course, stopped abruptly when they saw me coming, both seemed flustered, not to say annoyed. As I walked away, however, I thought about what I had just witnessed. What amused me the most was not the fact that they were performing in a public place and in broad daylight (for I am quite in favour of flexing limbs in the cool breeze and stretching tendons caressed by soothing winds) but rather the fact that the girl was wearing a Muslim headscarf…

I mean, what’s the point? Why bother? Why people don’t care and recognise the sanctity of religious symbols? Stop me! Oh well… here I am again, walking down on an ordinary park, to an ordinary house, with an ordinary bitter taste in my mouth…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw a couple looking a bit hot and flustered coming out of the prayer room where I was working- so it isn't confined to parks.

9:41 AM  

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